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Webinar: Cleaning patch-clamp pipettes for immediate reuse Presenter: Craig Forest (George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA) Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024 Time: 10 AM Atlanta, GA (ET), 3 PM London, UK (BST), 6 PM Germany (CET), 11 PM Shanghai, CN (CST) Summary Patch clamp recordings remain one of the workhorses for cell physiology, allowing measurements ranging from single channel to recordings from small networks of identified cells. Unfortunately, this power and versatility is often limited by time-consuming and laborious tasks. Nearly a decade ago, automated cleaning and re-use of patch clamp pipettes opened the door to semi and fully automated workflows that that have since drastically increased the throughput of patch clamp recordings, in applications ranging from biosensor screening to large-scale connectivity studies. In this webinar, one of the inventors of the technique will present an introduction into pipette cleaning,

We introduce our new uniTemp Easy-to-use temperature controller Designed for use in low-noise electrophysiology environments. See the uniTemp website for further information.

In recent years, several renown and reliable products were discontinued by their manufacturers npi electronic offers great alternative solutions for: Pressurized drug application Our PDES Pneumatic Drug Ejection System is the device for intracellular microinjection and extracellular dispense of liquids in the picoliter and nanoliter range Perfusion systems We offer complete perfusion systems and accessories, from simple pump based systems to multichannel superfusion focal drug application. All systems can be combined with temperature control Pipette holders Contact us for any customized holder request Recording chambers Contact us for any customized chamber request Voltammetric amplifiers (voltammeter - amperometer) Our VA-10 series is the instrument of choice for high-sensitivity experimentation in the pA range Two electrode amplifiers (two electrode voltage clamp) We provide amplifiers for Xenopus oocytes and other large cells and complete recording setups Ion sensitive / ion selective amplifiers (for ion specific electrodes) Our ION-01M is great for

THE NEW AXON GUIDE Whether you are new to electrophysiology or an expert in the field, the newest Axon Guide has something to spark your interest. This brand new edition features content in the Advanced Methods in Electrophysiology section, including advanced methods developed for ion channel recording from liposomes, planar bilayers, and bacterial spheroplasts; current recording from solid-state nanopores, and the use of nanopipettes in intracellular recording. Download your free copy today! [caption id="attachment_7883" align="alignnone" width="150"] Download Axon Guide[/caption]