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The BA amplifiers are wide-bandwidth high impedance amplifier designed for intracellular current clamp recordings with sharp microelectrodes, in perforated or tight seal patch configurations as well as for electroporation and iontophoresis. Currently, npi BA amplifiers are used in vertebrate (rat, mouse, cat, fish etc.) and invertebrate (leech, crab, snail, insect etc.) neurons, muscle cells, other excitable tissue and plant cells.

Each amplifier of the BA series is housed in a 19" rackmount cabinet and equipped with functions like two ranges for bridge balance, an oscillation shut-off circuit for protecting the preparation, two potential and two current ranges. The amplifier comes with a small headstage with a holding bar (or a mounting plate / dovetail adapter on request) and a BNC connector for the electrode holder, and can be attached directly to a micromanipulator.

The BA-01X is the standard bridge amplifier fot intracellular current clamp recordings. Having an extended current range (x10, i.e. +/. 120 nA max.) this amplifer is also suitable for electroporation of single cells for non-invasive, juxtacellular filling of cells with dyes or plasmids.
The BA-03X has additionally high and low pass filters for the recorded potenial, and a potential gain up to 1000. Therefore, it allows extracellular recordings as well.

A bridge amplifier is also available as module for the EPMS-07 system.

Download BA-01X manual 511 kB.
Download BA-03X manual 578 kB.
Download Bridge Amplifier Cell Model manual 88 kB.

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Download a reference list about npi bridge ampifiers.

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