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The ISO-STIM 01D stimulus isolation unit is designed for application of extracellular stimuli, e.g. in brain slices. In contrast to other stimulus isolators the ISO-STIM 01D needs NO batteries, because it is powered by an external power supply.
The output signal is optically isolated from ground and can either be a constant voltage up to 100 V or a constant current up to 10 mA (other ranges are available on request). The ISO-STIM 01D has a build-in timing unit with adjustable pulse length, amplitude and polarity.
The ISO-STIM 01D has three modes of operation:
In the DIRECT input mode the output signal follows exactly the input signal.
In the GATE TTL input mode the output signal is generated by the build-in timing unit and triggered either by a TTL trigger at the GATE TTL connector or manually with the MANUAL TRIGGER switch.
In the ANALOG input mode the output signal follows - like in direct mode - the input signal but is triggered by the input signal itself and the duration of the output stimulus is set at the ISO-STIM 01D.
The ISO-STIM 01D has two LEDs to indicate if the amplifier is 10% below its positive or negative limit and one LED to indicate the application of a voltage or current stimulus.
The ISO-STIM 01D is able to generate a bipolar stimulus without delay between positive and negative part of the stimulus. The second part of the bipolar stimulus has the same amplitude and length as the first part but reverse polarity.

The ISO-STIM is also available as module for the EPMS-07 system.

Download ISO-STIM 01D manual 238 kB.

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