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Extracellular recording with 4-channel tetrodes becomes more and more popular. The EXT-T2 amplifier/filter is designed for recording from up to two tetrodes. The signals recorded from every single tetrode attached to the headstages are amplified and filtered, and linked to the BNC connectors at the front panel. Every OUTPUT is available at two BNC connectors. Measurements are done in single-ended configuration against GND, and filters and gain factors can be set internally.

NEW: Tetrode amplifiers are also available with miniature headstages for in vivo experiments in freely moving animals.
Download Mini Headstages Overview 680 kB.

A tetrode recording systems is also available as module for the EPMS-07 system.

Download EXT-T2 manual 110 kB.

Download a brochure for all extracellular recording systems 495 kB.

Please contact npi electronic for details, pricing and customized configurations.

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