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Scientifica Ltd, together with Merck UK (Harlow site) and npi electronic, have developed a semi-automated system which allows one trained operator to run up to eight assays at one time. The SliceMaster system permits concurrent and independent recordings from up to eight brain slices, thus improving throughput, statistical design, and reducing animal use.

With a unique user console and an intelligent switching system each experiment can be run independently providing ultimate flexibility for your experimental needs.

The SliceMaster is available in three versions: the “full version” with eight recording sites, the “half” version with four recording sites and a “mini” version with two recording sites. This approach allows for the easy upgrade which means that a research team can explore the benefits of the SliceMaster approach before making a full investment or can add extra capacity as and when needed.

In the full and half versions, four stations at a time are built up on a vibration isolation table. The electronic components are housed in standard 19” cabinets and incorporated into a standard 19” rack. All vision and control units are combined in a central remote user console from where the operator can control the experiments.

The basic preparation for the SliceMaster is the in vitro brain slice using microelectrodes for extracellular stimulation and recording.

Please go to Scientifica's SliceMaster site for more information on the SliceMaster system.

Please contact npi electronic for pricing and customized configurations.

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